Zweiter Wahlgang' _Wu Zhi and Alexej Tchernyi_SOMA_Berlin

'Zweiter Wahlgang' - Politische Gefangene


Wu Zhi and Alexej Tchernyi






When we walk into a voting booth , we'd like to think that we are making a considered decision, based on the issues.

A properly functioning democratic system, which gives its citizens the power to choose their leaders requires that voters are rational and that society can trust them to make sound judgments.

Although we would like to assume that voters are rational when it comes to electing their leaders, it seems, people are heavily influenced by the images that politicians project.

An important, and as yet unanswered, question concerns the accuracy of judgments based on facial appearances:

Or, more broadly, can you tell something about a political candidate solely from his or her appearance?

Are they real?


The artists duo Wu Zhi and Alexej Tchernyi, fascinated by politician's voting posters regardless of their party, collected them on the street of Berlin and converted them as thier playful canvases.

'Zweiter Wahlgang' - Politische Gefangene is the artistic play and game responding to the images which politicians want to project to its society.


'Zweiter Wahlgang' by Wu Zhi and Alexej Tchernyi is presented as SOMA Art Gallery's long-term curatorial project 'Duos'.


'Forbidden Fruit'


- Stephanie Sarley's The Fruits of Art



'The Fruits of Art' are serial video artworks of fruit being fingered and the artist Stephanie Sarley's instagram accounts which contains the contents have been disabled several times since last 3 years. SOMA hosted the artist Stephanie Sarley's first international solo exbition in Berlin.

Her video is basically about personifying and empowering vaginas through humor and absurdity, and the acceptance of female sexuality at large.