Lee & Liou Fashion Photography Exibition


Lee & Lious Photography Exibtion


Reception 07.11.2014



Liou Tsang-Ru (Taipei, Taiwan) is an emerging photographer who works mainly in the field of fashion and art portrait photography.

He is keen to capture the authentic emotions of his subjects, believes that a good picture can transcend time, culture, and nation

and always send out a message to viewers. He is currently visiting Europe for the first time, where he will present works produced

in his hometown as well moments he has captured in Europe.



Sam Lee (Seoul, South Korea) is a young fashion photographer, currently based in Berlin. Through collaborating with young designers

and models in Berlin, she has found out that she is drawn to capturing the beauty of young male models. She will present works portraying

young male models, backstage snapshots of fashion shows, and scenes from fashion shoots.





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