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Am I You?


Matthias Haase (Philosopher, Professor/Universität Leipzig)


Imagine, X says to Y: ‘You are F.’ Y responds: ‘Yes, I’m F.’ Obviously, X and Y are in agreement about who is F. A philosopher might express this point in the following way: You are ‘you’ to me; and I am ‘you’ to you. The question of this paper is: Can I be ‘you’ to me? My answer is: No. – It might be replied, nothing is easier: fix your gaze in the mirror and say the words, ‘Hey, you!’ But my question is whether in doing such things I stand to myself in the very same kind of relation I stand in to you in address. ……… Recently, it has been suggested that the rendering is needed to make sense of the very idea of morality. Say, X demands of Y: ‘You must Φ!’ And let the ‘must’ express the force of the relevant kind of deontic necessity. In this case, the following is said to hold: Y’s response, ‘You are right, I must Φ’, is only sincere if Y adopts the very perspective from which X spoke and makes the demand on herself – that is, if she, as it were, thinks to herself, ‘You must Φ!’ or ‘Φ!’ And her having the capacity to do so is supposed to be the condition of her being subject to this kind of necessity…………


'Duos' is the long-term curatorial project of S0MA Art Gallery Berlin. By questioning what relations, intimacies, being together or being alone mean in our life, in our time, the 'Duos' project collaborates with the Philosopher Matthias Haase. For the MPA Performance Festival, 9 artists duos are invited to perform, some they work as a duo, some of them are artist couple, some they choose collaborator for their performance.






Joakim Stampe + Chuyia Chia



Mischa Badasyan

Frederic Krauke + Antonio Chipriana

Kathrine Oggier Chanda

Elya May

Tizo All + Emily Kunke

lady gaby + brigid fitch


Month of Performance Art - Berlin 2015 ANTHOLOGY



curated by Nabi Nara / S0MA Gallery, Berlin


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