SOMA Art Gallery presents the Making of a Generation by Maria Uroos. Utilizing interactivity, visual communication, prints, video projection, and a site-specific installation, this exhibition addresses the refugee crisis that has been unfolding in Syria and many other countries in the world. More people than ever are facing major humanitarian crisis – over 125 million people are displaced and have fled their homes as a result of war conflicts and persecution. She felt the need to create a visual dialogue about the changes in life, culture, and religion that she saw post 9/11. Her tools include text and image, metaphors and analogies, elements and principles. All convey thoughts about the region where she lived, fleshed out into a form that is meant to extend conversations. Each piece begins with her.


Maria Uroos (b. 1984) is a Pakistani-born, New York City-based graphic designer. She studied Communications Design at Brooklyn's Pratt Institute and holds an MA in Art History and Museum Studies from the City College of New York. Her work incorporates graphic elements of vernacular media, such as hand-written typography and collage, to examine representations of ownership and authenticity. Using, traditional art forms, and digital media, Uroos presents intriguing and thought provoking narratives that explore the historical vicissitudes of cultural identity and shed light on the human condition in a war torn society. She also works with various digital models, including 3D printing and motion graphics, to engage with contemporary issues of displacement, forced migration, and basic human rights issues.


Uroos's work has been exhibited in the JH Arts Festival, Art Gotham, and Crest Art Fest, as well as at the West Side Gallery, Pratt Institute Gallery, Open Gallery Space, Musée Le Livre et la Lettre, and Hotel Arbez Franco-Suisse. She recently curated Design + Architecture = Art; and Hang Together: Collaborative Work & Practices.


Opening 22. 07. 2016

'When an Artist becomes a Terrorist'




solo show

AL Fadhil

Artist talk with Miriam Kurz (MA, Islamic Studies / FU )


SOMA Art Gallery presents a special screening of a collection of performance documentations and media works by

Al Fadhil, in addition to showing ‘Words in freedom’, 'Cairo's Diary', there will be an open artist talk with Miriam Kurz

(MA, Islamic Studies) who is currently a PhD-Candidate at the Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies

at Freie Universität Berlin. In her dissertation project she works on Muslim masculinities and questions of identity construction and gender relations among young Muslims in Berlin.


Al Fadhil was born in Iraq in November, 1954, but his birthday was officially registered as 1st January, 1955. He attended the Institute of Arts in Baghdad, from which he graduated in 1977. After completing his studies at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence, he began to practice as an artist at the beginning of the eighties. From the beginning of the nineties, he has been drawn towards social, political and economic themes, in the spirit of a new awareness of the communicative and political force of art.

His research, developed through activities, projects and works, all opened to debate, in the direction of a ‘visual and textual testimony’, that leads the spectator towards a reflective state in which he also becomes participator, guided by points of reference that range from the artist’s private life and his cosmopolitan existence, to problems relating to his land of origin, to its social emergence, and the overriding sense of its impermanence.


Al Fadhil’s work is characterized by the use of diverse media; he moves freely from the production of pictures and concrete objects, to installations, photographs, readings, video, and performance.





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